domingo, 24 de março de 2013


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Pois é, de repente apareceu essa inspiração louca e ei-lo aqui! Meu primeiro poema em ingles!

I can almost feel the sound of the wind touching her hair
The curls and the waves dancing in the air
Brown and black autumn leaves and feathers on the ground
Flying and flowing through the cold breeze around
Got chills hurting like small needles on my body and skin
Cerridwen, Cerridwen, can you hear me cry? Oh my dear, can you hear me?


Kree Harrison, cujos cabelos, voz e atitude inspiraram o poema...

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Marie você sempre inovando e inspirando né ? amei o poema, minha querida uma semana fabulosa e um xeru da Rose

Anônimo disse...

when I was way younger, I used to make poems. Words would come and go with no apparent reason or purpose and I just put them all on a notebook, in Portuguese. This time, I was able to make the words sound sweet and smooth for me, in English. I was thinking about several things and how nice it was when I was younger and could fool around the forest, just me and Mother Nature, no time, no worrying, just the sounds and the silence in the woods...