sexta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2012


Hello friends from Archive X!

I tried to take some pictures of my haunted backyard but I just didn't set up the machine right so the pictures are small and most of them are too dark.
I pick the best ones and tried to make a few changes so everyone could see what I was trying to get on my cell phone camera. I took these when the sun was going down yesterday so that you could have an idea on what my backyard looks like when I get up to feed the dogs.
I promess I'll take better pictures during the day to show you next week. There are lots of spooky trees and cold spots in there.

 Minduin (Peanuts)


 Peanuts' nose

View from my backyard


 view from the ranch

 wild flower

 another view from the ranch

Spooky branches

The pictures actually show the view I have from my backyard and not the backyard itself. The backyard pictures were too dark and I could not edit them, so today I'll go there earlier to have some good pictures. There are more spooky spots that are worth to share. I have a particular point of view about spooky things: all of them seem to be too beautiful to me...
Marie Jo

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